College History

In 1983 the 163rd professional college was established in the village of Potskho Etseri, Tsalenjikha municipality.
The graduates of the college were working on the construction of Enguri Dam, where they had professional success. Since 1992 the college has changed location to the place where it continues its work till now.
In 1993 it was refunded to multilevel state college. Qualified teachers and successful academic activities contributed to the success of college graduates.
In 2007 the college was again founded as a center of jurisprudence, and since 2011 it exists as a Vocational College “Lakada”.
Today it offers modern material-technical base, updated with renewed educational programs that is a solid guarantee of professional competence of the region community.
At the moment according the demand of labor market the College is offering the following Professional Educational Programs in the sphere of: Engineering, Business Administration, Healthcare, Agricultural Sciences and Art. After completion of the program the graduate are given the professional qualification of the relevant profession and are awarded with the appropriate level diplomas.
The college is registered at the legal address: #2 Kazbegi str. Jvari, Tsalenjikha Municipality.

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